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Why Computerize

Why Computerize? - Because It Saves You Time and Money!

Putting technology to work in your business is a great idea, but the  whole point of your business is to generate numbers on the bottom  line... where it counts! What does that mean - R O I (Return On Investment)

Lower Your Cost By Improving Efficiency.

With our highly intuitive touch screen designs:

  • A new user can complete the 1st transaction in less than a minute, reducing user transaction time.
  • Speed customer checkout
  • Reduce customer waiting time
  • Improve customer shopping experience
  • Increase transaction accuracy and control
  • Reduce theft
  • Manage your margins
  • Keep track of what you sell and to whom you sell it to

For your peace of mind, security and control of your business, large or small, it has never been so affordable.

If you allow us to make you a short presentation on the technical characteristics of the product and understand why such a scenario exists, we are convinced that the unique POS programs we have here are capable of supporting all the needs of your sales team.

Why Computerize?

Our computerized restaurant, retail and service POS (Point-of-Sale) software solutions offer significant advantages over standard cash registers. Combining computerized POS cash register with scanners, wireless hand-held devices, tablets and accounting software, you can measurably increase control, decrease cost and increase profit as well as your ROI.

You will be able to control inventory shrinkage; by comparing on-shelf inventory to your computerized stock report. You can monitor breakage and damages. You will be able to create PO’s (purchase orders) for new orders and automatically generate labels from delivery slips, reprint label & tags with new Features and Promotion prices. You will be able to track users log-in and log out, average transaction value, time spent per customer, and sales by customer etc.

Studies have shown that retailers who do not use computerized inventory management tend to overstock their stores by 20 to 40%. Let's assume your store carries an average of $125,000 in inventory. If only 20% of  that inventory is overstock, you have invested:

    $ 25,000 in excess inventory.

Let's take the above example one step further. If you invested $3,500.00 in  a POS system( for a single user system ), and your new system was able to help you reduce that overstock by only 50% , your $3,500 investment  generated a

    12 month return of ........$ 12,500 or....26%!

Now, with that kind of a return, is it not in your best interest to invest in a computerized POS System because it will pay for itself in the first year, even with two stations.  Granted, with the systems we have to offer, the cost per station could be about $99 a month for 36 months (per station) as long as you stick with standard All-In-One terminals.  This is primarily for the Hospitality industry. For the Retail Industry, it can vary depending on what all is needed for the business (digital signage, scales at the workstations, bar-code readers, security camera systems, inventory data collectors, etc.)

If you wanted a larger monitor for a Retail POS terminal, the Elo All-In-Ones have one that has a screen size up to 22-inches (you do not want one bigger than that). The only problem with that is if there is a terminal problem that requires either repair or replacement, it could take a few days to get a replacement because it is a special order terminal and most vendors do not keep them in stock.  The standard size terminals we offer from AZTPOS and Bematech have 15 and 17-inch terminals and for an additional cost, you can have a 3 year, next day replacement warranty for the entire workstation, not just the terminal.  Now with the new MeridianStar POS systems that we offer for hospitality, the 3 year warranty is built into the $99 a month payment per workstation as well as the $3,500 price tag for the EZ Retail POS System. That warranty covers the All-in-One Terminal, cash drawer, receipt printer and kitchen printer (hospitality only).

Check  out what we have to offer and then request a demo of the software packages. There are online demos available as well as some having a 30 day down-loadable demo.  Which ever suits your fancy, we are here to help. We can also provide you a live On-Line Demo of the Hospitality software, FuturePOS which was rated the top Hospitality Software at the RSPA convention in 2014.

It’s Much Easier Than You think.

Both Future Pos and EZ Retail are designed to be used by anyone with little to no computer knowledge or experience in minutes. Sell your products by simply touching the item picture on the screen (or scan the barcode on the product for EZ Retail), forget about memorizing PLU #, product information, prices, and performing complicated operations.

Not All Programs Are Created Equal.

Consciously or unconsciously, certainly more than you ever thought “I wish the program could do so...FuturePOS  & E Z Retail DOES, and if there is a very specific need, we can program into the system therefor we solve the problem.

For instance, in the E Z Retail POS System, if you have a gun shop, we can program in the Bound Book required to be kept by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) as well as a database for scanned copies of the ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transfer Record Part 1 - Over-the-Counter). Granted that form has to be filled out by hand, unfortunately (as it would be more efficient if we could do it via this system), but at least this was, if there was a fire and the files got burned up, you would have a digital record of the transaction that was backed up off site.

It’s A Safe Investment.

At Southernmost POS Systems and Consulting LLC (a division of The Whole Nine Yards, LLC), we work each day to improve the products we sell. FuturePOS alongside MeridianStar POS and E Z Software Solutions work each day to improve their products, but nevertheless, it is to create and evolve. Southernmost POS Systems and Consulting LLC (a division of The Whole Nine Yards, LLC) investing in technology is investing in safety, to be always at the technological ideal. If your business grows, Southernmost POS Systems and Consulting LLC is always quick to respond to your changing needs. FuturePOS and E Z Retail can automatically update so you do not have to worry about keeping up with the neighbors.

To set up a time when we can call and talk to you to discuss where you want to go from here, please click here to fill out the information request form and someone will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days.

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