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Hospitality POS

Hospitality or Restaurant POS is most likely the most complicated of all POS systems in that it not only takes orders from the wait staff, but it lets the kitchen staff, bar staff and prep cooks know what is needed from each work station and to have it all ready for the wait staff to deliver when everything is ready to go.

When a menu item is selected, the system has to account for the portions for the serving and at the time of delivery, take the totals of the servings and subtract it from the existing inventory and compile the cost of the portions and adding in the cost of labor it compiles the total cost of the meal itself.  It then takes these figures and places it in reports for the end of shift and end of day reports.

Before POS systems came into existence, the owner or manager was the one responsible for compiling these numbers and it was very time consuming, if they really knew what those numbers were.

Like Retail POS, Hospitality POS gives the owners of the business the freedom to run the business and not let the business run them.  The amount of time these products save the owners as well as the money saved when you calculate just how much money these products save you more than makes up for the initial cost of the system. In most Hospitality businesses, the system has paid for itself within 2 to 5 months, if not less.

And when you incorporate Credit Card Services into the software, you now know just how much of your business comes from credit card sales as well as have a very good idea of how much the servers are making off of credit cards. That way, at the end of the year, you can give the wait staff a very good number for the tips earned as well as know how much to take out in taxes, if you so choose to do it that way.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to allow you to see what we can offer and we look forward to that opportunity. To schedule a live on-line demo, please click here and fill out the demo request form.

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